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Translation of Documents

In many cases when documents cross borders they will need to be translated in order to be accepted and used in the receiving jurisdiction. Through our network of experienced qualified translators we offer translation services in dozens of languages. 

Sometimes, certified or notarised translation may be required:

“Certified translation” is one where a suitably qualified translator has to make the actual translation and notary public city of londonhas to also confirm its accuracy. “Notarised translation” means that a notary must certify the document. Our notary can directly certify translations in many languages on the basis of her own linguistic knowledge and understanding; alternatively, translation by another qualified translator can be notarised, based on a sworn statement by the translator made in the presence of the notary.

Whether you need your foreign documents to be recognised as valid in the UK, or your documents in English to be used abroad, we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and provide a quote. Please send us an email to or call us on 020 76 920 838 or 020 70 960 905.

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