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About Greenfield Notary

The principal of Greenfield Notary is Petia Greenfield.

Petia was born in Bulgaria and practised as a lawyer there for ten years before moving to the UK. She obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the College of Law (now University of Law) in London in 2002. She is a member of The Notaries Society of England and Wales.

Although her legal experience in the areas of company law and corporate structuring involved work predominantly for corporate clients, Petia is equally happy to offer her services as Notary Public to private individuals.

Petia is an expert in dealing with Bulgarian documents as she is the only notary in England and Wales who is also a qualified Bulgarian lawyer. If you need consultation or documents in relation to property in Bulgaria, Greenfield Notary should be your first choice, due to Petia’s extensive contacts with professionals (such as Bulgarian lawyers, notaries and estate agents) and hernotary public city of london personal knowledge of the Bulgarian property market.

Our notary is an experienced linguist. She can certify documents in many languages without the need for translation. These include Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian and all Slavic languages, as well as many other European languages (among them such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German). 

Petia’s qualifications and experience as a lawyer both in civil law and common law jurisdictions provide excellent understanding of a wide variety of legal concepts. This allows her to help clients with all sorts of paperwork in a friendly and approachable manner. Our notary firmly believes there is no problem without a solution, so you will be in a safe pair of hands.

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