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Notary Practice Rules Compliance Information

The Notaries Practice Rules 2019 came into force on 2 December 2019. They implement recommendations made in 2016 by the Competition and Markets Authority in a report on competition in the legal services sector. The Rules introduced new requirements to notarial practice intended to ensure notarial clients have adequate information about the costs and the services provided by the profession, and about the means for redress and complaints available to clients. The Rules set out the information that must be provided to all notarial clients at the beginning of work on a matter and information that must appear on the website of all notarial practices in England and Wales, namely:

PRICE INFORMATION – this is the basis upon which we calculate the professional fees for any work undertaken for a client.
We aim to provide a fixed-fee quote for a particular job as soon as we are given clear instructions and prior to starting work on a matter. On the rare occasions where it is not possible to provide a fixed-fee quote, we will give an estimate of the fee based on time-spent: the current hourly rate is set out in our Terms of Business and will also be communicated to you in writing before the appointment, together with information about how the fee will be calculated, what services are included and what other costs there may be. Please see also How much will it cost? on the FAQ page.

SERVICE INFORMATION – this is a brief outline of the services we will be providing setting out the key stages of the work (if more than one) and the likely timescales for each key stage. When giving you a quote, we clearly state the work that is included and how long it would normally take.

We offer notarisation , legalisation, drafting of legal documents and translation services.

REDRESS INFORMATION – this is a statement of the sum insured under the notary's professional indemnity policy. We maintain professional indemnity liability cover, which is at least the minimum level of cover specified by the Master of the Faculties (presently £1 million). Our current level of insurance is always stated in our Terms of Business..

REGULATORY INFORMATION – this is a written confirmation that the notary is “Regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury”.

COMPLAINTS INFORMATION – this is prescribed form of words which explains that the client has a right to make a complaint under the Notaries (Conduct and Discipline) Rules 2015 and how to make such a complaint.

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